Education & Training :

Preparation of Course Material for other Institutes:

Preparation of Course Modules:
The aim is to develop course modules and material based on first-hand experience of running the courses at IIT Bombay, and have these available to several other institutions. Other institutions, depending on the level and focus of the degree can choose a bouquet of courses most appropriate for them .
Training Programmes for Teachers:
Annual programmes to train teachers from other institutions in the area of PV, and to teach the course modules along with the use of lab kits are being developed

Preparation of Laboratory Kits:
Development of a low cost Photovoltaics Laboratory Kit, which includes fabrication of simple p-n junction solar cells, characterization and simulation of solar cells, power electronics, and fabrication and characterization of solar modules. 

Programmes for Science Colleges:
There is also considerable interest from teachers at the college level to introduce basic concepts of solar cells to the B.Sc. students. Leveraging this interest can result in a professional-technician cadre useful for solar energy. The main activity involves the development of experiments and supplementary material.