Education & Training :

Dissemination through Distance Education:

Education and Manpower Training
Web-Based Distance Education:
The course modules developed for use by other institutions are to be made available on the web, for access by students in India and world-wide
Live Broadcast of Courses:
Today, the Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programmes (C-DEEP) at IITB is already broadcasting over 100 of its courses to 30 remote locations across the country via the ISRO EDUSAT satellite. PV courses are to be made available via this important channel.

Post-graduate Diploma Programme for Working Professionals:
An excellent way to ramp up the number of scientists and engineers working in the PV industry is to re-train and re-orient existing working personnel with suitable background towards PV. This also represents a unique opportunity to engineers to enter this sunrise industry. The availability of distance and web based courses provides opportunity for many working professionals to take a number of courses and earn a diploma in Photovoltaics. This mechanism already exists at IIT Bombay (at present 6 industries are remote centres for receiving the courses through EDUSAT).