Education & Training :

Programs at IIT Bombay:

IIT Bombay has a 2-decade old tradition of running programmes in Energy. This led to the setting up of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE) at IIT Bombay in 2007, the first such Department at any major academic institution in India. The Department offers programmes in Energy Science and Engineering at all levels: Ph.D., M.Tech., M.Sc. and B.Tech. Thus IIT Bombay is uniquely positioned to launch programmes specializing in PV at all these levels, and also in designing programmes which can be replicated at other places.

Ph.D. Programme
The Ph.D. programme is essential in running any vibrant academic programme. Further, in the case of PV for the solar mission, there will be a great need for creative cutting-edge thinking, which can be supplied by Ph.D.'s. 

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of photovoltaics, and the fact that the NCPRE has faculty members from over 13 Departments at IIT Bombay, the Ph.D. programme will be conducted by the individual participating Departments. Interaction between Ph.D. students will be encouraged to provide the required breadth in the energy/PV area besides depth in the specialized area. The NCPRE will support about 40 Ph.D. students in various Departments by the end of five years. 

M.Tech. Programme
The Department of Energy Science and Engineering runs an M.Tech. programme in Energy Science and Engineering. Students will be given an opportunity to specialize in PV by taking appropriate courses from an available basket, as given below. Students will take 12 courses from among those listed below, besides doing a major M.Tech. project. There will be 20 students per year graduating with the M.Tech. degree at the end of five years.

Core Courses (6 courses)

  1. Physical Electronics
  2. Semiconductor Technology
  3. Physics and design of Solar Cells
  4. Energy Storage
  5. Emerging PV materials and technologies
  6. Components of Balance of System and System Design

Elective courses (to choose 6 courses)

  1. Non-conventional Energy Sources
  2. Foundation for Energy Engineering
  3. Energy Resources, Economics & Environment
  4. Energy Systems Modeling & Analysis
  5. Power Electronics I
  6. Power Electronics II
  7. Analytical techniques
  8. Quantum physics
  9. Growth and Characterization of Nano-electronic Materials Laboratory courses
  10. Solar Cell fabrication & Characterization
  11. Power Electronics
  12. Analytical techniques Seminar and Project work

M.Sc-Ph.D. Programme
The DESE runs an integrated M.Sc./Ph.D. programme for students who wish to specialize in the science of energy. These students will now be able to specialize in PV, again by choosing appropriate courses and following them with a dissertation.

B.Tech. Programme
The DESE runs a B.Tech. programme in Energy Science and Engineering at IITB. The purpose of the undergraduate programme is to give a broad exposure to various aspects of energy, but again here the students will be able to take elective courses in PV and power electronics to allow them to obtain specialized knowledge in PV. 

Further, IITB has the "minor" option for B.Tech. students, which allows students majoring in any branch of engineering to take selected and targeted courses which allows them to obtain a "minor" in a specialized area. The NCPRE will design courses which will allow students to get such a minor degree. These courses will include

  • Photovoltaic devices and technologies
  • Power electronics
  • Energy Storage
  • Introduction to renewable energy technologies
  • Energy resources, economics and environment

Finally, it should be mentioned that DESE has a strong activity in solar thermal also, which will complement the solar PV activity, and allow the development of a good integrated focus on solar energy.