Education & Training :

Training Program for Engineer and Scientist in Industry:

Education and Manpower Training
Short-Term Courses:
Short-term and continuing education / refresher programmes for personnel working in industry are very important in this fast-developing field. IITB will offer 2-3 such courses for industry participants every year, at various levels. 

NCPRE will also undertake international training programmes, especially for the benefit of professionals from developing countries. This has been done very successfully in the past by IITB.

Training Programmes for Master Trainers:
The facilities for solar cell fabrication, as well as other facilities which cannot be easily replicated elsewhere, will be made available to a wider user base. IIT Bombay already has experience in providing access of a major facility to outside users through the successful Indian Nanoelectronics Users' Programme (INUP). This model will be replicated in the Indian National Photovoltaics Users' Programme (INPUP).