Equipment Details

Name of the EquipmentQuantum Efficiency Measurement System
GroupCrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
System OwnerSaima Cherukat

Anil Kumar

Make / ModelBentham/ PVE300
InformationMeasures the ratio of the number of photons incident on a solar cell to the number of generated charge carriers
Serial Number13972
Equipment TypeElectrical characterization tools
LocationNCPRE Char lab (3rd Floor, NanoE Building)
AMC Required
Local DealerATOS Instruments Marketing Services

1.Kaveri Hukku ATOS INSTRUMENTS MARKETING SERVICES Phone : +919980197045 Fax : +918028441441 2.Ashish Bhowmick Technical Support Engineer ATOS Instruments Marketing Services Mobile Phone: +91 8376931025 / +91 9540243030 Email: Web:
Actual DealerBentham Instruments Ltd, Registered in England No.

1.James Hammond R&D Director Bentham Instruments Ltd 01189 168468 2.Austen Hearn Optical Design Engineer Bentham Instruments Ltd, Registered in England No. 1197391. Registered Office: 2 Boulton Road, Reading, Berks RG2 0NH VAT no: GB 200 5418 21 Tel:+44(0) 118 975 1355 Fax: +44(0) 118 931 2971 Email: Web:
SOP SOP/63_SOP.pdf
Training & other policy documentsPOLICY/63_POLICY.pdf
Glimpse GLIMPSE/63_GLIMPSE.pdf
Tool Facilities RequirementsNA
Lab Phone No4489 Ext Flash
Substrate allowedComplete solar cells all
Substrate DimensionMaximum substrate size 156mm X 156mm. Contacts separation should not be smaller than available slit
Chemical allowedNA, All types
Precursors/ Targets available
*Based on stock availability
Precursor/ Target loaded inside toolNA
Target dimensionNA
Gases allowedNA
Contamination remarksProcessed samples will be considered as Na and K conaminated. Because of gold plated chuck and contacts, there can be gold contamination.