NCPRE List of Publication:


Papers published in Conferences:

  1. S. Bhaduri, S. Chattopadhyay, R. Dubey, S. Zachariah, V. Kuthanazhi, C. S. Solanki, B. M. Arora, K. L. Narsimhan, A. Kottantharayil, and J. Vasi, "Correlating Infra-red Thermography with Electrical Degradation of Modules inspected in All India Survey of Photovoltaic Module Reliability 2016," Photovoltaic Reliability Workshop, Lakewood, CO, USA (2017)

  2. Kamlesh Joshi, Anirudh B Salian, Upendra V. Bhandarkar and Suhas S. Joshi, "Investigation Of Surface Distortion On Silicon Wafers While Slicing Through Wire-EDM" : 2017 World Congress on Micro and Nano machining,27-30th March 2017, Kaohsiung, Taiwan