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  • NCPRE participates in the ITEC 2024 Conference in Chicago

    NCPRE students participated in the 2024 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference & Expo in Chicago, USA, from June 19-21, 2024.
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  • NCPRE Participates in IEEE PVSC Conference in Seattle

    The IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) is the leading PV research conference
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  • NCPREs work on the Effect of Soiling on the PV Module Temperature and Soiling Loss Estimation

    The accumulation of dust and other particles on the photovoltaic (PV) modules leads to significant energy losses.
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  • NCPRE Represents India's Perspective in the IEC/TC82/WG2 Meeting in Doha Qatar

    The Working Group (WG) 2 of the Technical Committee (TC) 82 of the IEC is the premier body that formulates the international standards for PV modules such as the qualification and the safety standards.
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  • Visit to International Solar Alliance by NCPRE Faculty

    Prof. Anil Kottantharayil and Prof. Juzer Vasi from NCPRE visited the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in Delhi, for the purpose of exploring possible collaborations between NCPRE and ISA on various aspects, including conducting training programmes
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  • 4-T CdTe/Perovskite Thin Film Tandem Solar Cells with Efficiency > 24%

    It is well known that perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells are seen as the next frontier in PV technology, and considerable R&D is under way globally.
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  • Visit to RenewSys Module Manufacturing at Patalganga

    researchers and staff, as well as undergraduate students, led by Prof. Anil Kottantharayil visited the RenewSys module
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  • Importance of Maintaining Sufficient Gap Between Solar Panels and the Roofs

    In many residential and commercial PV installations, the solar panels are laid on the roof
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Upcoming Courses and Events
  • NCPRE Organizes 3-Day Short-Term Course on “Theory and Technology of Silicon Solar Cells”
    Date: May 29 - 31, 2024
    Venue: VMCC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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  • Talk on Feasibility and utility of Light-Beam-Induced Current imaging along with EL imaging of solar cells and modules.
    Speaker: Prof. K. S. Narayan, Professor, JNCASR and Distinguished Visiting Professor, IIT Bombay.
    on Thursday, Date : 2nd May 2024, 02:30 PM Venue: GG Conference Room, EE Department
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  • Talk on III-V Compound Semiconductor/Si Integration for Tandem Photovoltaics, Future Technologies and the Enabling Role of Innovative Defect Engineering
    Speaker: Prof. Steven A. Ringel, Ohio State University
    on Tuesday, Date : 2sd April 2024, 11:00 AM Venue: Room GG-301, EE Department
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  • PoTIC organizes an exciting webinar on "The fastest energy change in history”.
    Speaker: Prof. Andrew Blakers, Australian National University,
    on Friday, Date : 15th March 2024, 11:30 AM

  • Talk on “Challenges in Solar Manufacturing in India”.
    Speaker: Dr. Rajeewa Arya,
    Date and Venue : 11th March 2024, 2:30 PM, Venue: EE301, GG Bldg., 3rd Floor, IIT Bombay.
    The speaker will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing solar manufacturing in India in choice of technologies, efficient manufacturing, and global competitiveness.

  • Webinar on "Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cell: A candidate for the next generation PV technology?”
    Speaker : Prof. Bernd Stannowski.
    The Speaker’s team held the record for the highest efficiency perovskites/silicon tandem cells in 2022.
    Date : 22nd February 2024.

  • Talk on "Technical and cost challenges for non-fossil energy development".
    Speaker: Prof. Vikram Dalal, Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University, Fellow: IEEE, APS, AAAS
    Date and Venue : 11th January 2024, Girish Gaitonde Building, Department of Electrical Engineering

NCPRE Reports
What can we learn from photoluminescence imaging of silicon solar cells?

Re-energizing Sustainable Solar Manufacturing in India: Technology Roadmap and Recommendations.

All India Survey of Photovoltaic Module Reliability 2018 - Report

All India Survey of Photovoltaic Module Reliability 2018 - Executive Summary

Report on ISA-FICCI-NCPRE Roundtable on Role of innovation
in Advancement of Solar Energy in ISA Countries.

All-India Survey of Photovoltaic Module Reliability: 2016 - Executive Summary

All-India Survey of Photovoltaic Module Reliability: 2016

Energy Survey at Cantonment Distribution Section,Thiruvananthapuram

Estimating The Rooftop Solar Potential of Greater Mumbai.

All-India Survey of Photovoltaic Module Degradation: 2013

Planning for Integration of Solar PV into the Energy Mix - Energy Survey
Report, Chendamangalam Gram Panchayat, Kerala.

Grid Integration of Distributed Solar Photovoltaics (PV) in India.
(Summary of observations and recommendations for a way forward)

Grid Integration of Distributed Solar Photovoltaics(PV) in India.
(A review of technical aspects,best practices and the way forward)